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TCTShow & First YouTube Video

October 7, 2018 • Tags: 3D Printing Event YouTube RaspberryPi MiniConsole

I have been thinking about starting YouTube for a while now, but have struggled with the motivation to get started. This all changed just over a week ago, when I visited TCTShow, a UK-based exhibition all about 3D printing. This was a great event as not only were both hobbyist and industrial 3D printing technologies on display, pretty much every filament supplier was handing out free samples. I left the event with well over 20 samples, totalling more than my travel costs to and from the event!

The free samples alone would have made attending the event worthwhile, but the real highlight for me was getting to meet James “XRobots” Bruton and see his OpenDog robot in action! If you’re not heard of him before, he is a YouTuber that has made a living out of creating robot projects and showing them off online. Seeing OpenDog in person was impressive to say the least, but getting to chat with James at the end about how he does this whole YouTube thing was really insightful and motivating, to the point that upon returning home I set to work planning out what my first video would be. So after days of playing around with ideas and improving my lighting, I present to you my first proper YouTube video, showing off a Raspberry Pi mini console I have been working on for a good while now. Enjoy!

To close this post off, I thought I would share the picture I got with James and OpenDog, as well as one next to a 3D printed Johnny 5 replica created by Chris Wright (WrightsRobotics).

Me & James Brutons & OpenDog

Me & Johnny 5 & Chris Wright

Oh and I got a blurry shot of Josef Prusa from Prusa Research too!

Blurry Josef